Definition of be nuts about in English:

be nuts about

(British be nuts on)


  • Like very much.

    ‘I was nuts about him’
    • ‘Asia is nuts about video games, but for console manufacturers some regional markets are too small, too poor - or too risky - for distribution.’
    • ‘I consider myself a fan of zombie films, but these guys must be nuts about them.’
    • ‘One of my dining companions is nuts about the lentil soup so we all shared a bowl of that.’
    • ‘He continued: ‘When I read the script, I was nuts about it.’’
    • ‘The person I knew was nuts about horses, her whole life was horses.’
    • ‘I think they pushed them, but I don't think they were nuts about it.’
    • ‘Andrew, 33, is nuts about classic Harley Davidson motorcycles and little Harley is already following in his footsteps with her own quad bike.’
    • ‘To grow a sport, it takes someone who is nuts about it, pushing from the inside.’
    • ‘Gina had been a highly energetic kid, always jumping from soccer to basketball, baseball - whatever sport she was nuts about during the week.’
    • ‘I happen to be nuts about his chamber music, so I'm not really the one to ask how high they rank within his oeuvre.’
    very keen on, devoted to, infatuated with, in love with, smitten with, enamoured of, hot for
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