Definition of be none (or not any) the wiser in English:

be none (or not any) the wiser


  • Not understand something, even though it has been explained.

    ‘she said an awful lot but he wasn't any the wiser’
    ‘I am still none the wiser about the meaning of the word’
    • ‘If I want to ruin the reputation of a B-list celeb I could so with in a couple of days, and their PR agency would be none the wiser until the stories started appearing.’
    • ‘It was closed, though, so we're still none the wiser.’
    • ‘The whole issue gets me totally annoyed and I'm still none the wiser as to what value we get from paying them at all.’
    • ‘Both airlines could have simply increased their prices by $6, and most customers would be none the wiser.’
    • ‘At the end of his frustrating book, I was left none the wiser.’