Definition of be no friend of (or to) in English:

be no friend of (or to)


  • Show no support or sympathy for.

    ‘he is no friend of the Republican Party’
    ‘the policy revealed itself as no friend to the utilities’
    • ‘To say he is no friend of education is imprecise: he is no friend of the present system in Florida.’
    • ‘History will show that this man was no friend of the Irish people either in their own country or in the Diaspora.’
    • ‘Sherman was no friend of radicalism but felt quite strongly that freedom of expression needed to be preserved at any cost.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister is no friend of the anti-globalisation movement.’
    • ‘Animals are part of nature and the environment, and anyone who is willing to make their zoo a cesspool because they can't properly dispose of trash is no friend to animals.’