Definition of be no bad thing in English:

be no bad thing


  • Used to express approval in an understated or qualified way.

    ‘a little uncertainty is no bad thing’
    ‘you can hear traces of The Stones and Dylan coming through, which is no bad thing’
    • ‘In a way it's sad to think I've been to my last performance but then it lost a lot of character so maybe it's no bad thing.’
    • ‘Martial law was no bad thing in the circumstances.’
    • ‘This movie harks back to a simpler time for cinema, and in today's world of bloated blockbusters, that's no bad thing.’
    • ‘That journalists should be sceptical about large firms is no bad thing.’
    • ‘He said however that it was no bad thing that it was raining.’
    • ‘This has to be seen in the context of a tour where the company is performing five Handel operas, and one near miss out of five is no bad thing.’
    • ‘A self-sufficient childhood is no bad thing.’
    • ‘Artistic competition is no bad thing.’
    • ‘The first time on hearing them I was less than impressed, but some of the band's best songs are growers so that's no bad thing.’
    • ‘If this poll sets some alarm bells ringing at the top that might be no bad thing.’