Definition of be no (or nobody's) fool in English:

be no (or nobody's) fool


  • Be a shrewd or prudent person.

    • ‘Ortland has always had more hide than a team of elephants, and he is nobody's fool, but he is looking for someone to adopt him.’
    • ‘You can paint the cow or bathe it in perfume, but to no avail - the bull is no fool.’
    • ‘But Mammy is nobody's fool, least of all Scarlett's.’
    • ‘The Cardinal, who was nobody's fool, knew fine what kind of a send-off he could expect.’
    • ‘George, who was nobody's fool, didn't believe him.’
    • ‘His considerable personal successes underline he is no fool.’
    • ‘Lanidae is nobody's fool, he is aware of something that is in his realm, but beyond that I cannot help you.’
    • ‘Harry is nobody's fool, and he knows that his time is running out.’
    • ‘Alex was very clever at school and was nobody's fool.’
    • ‘But Abelard was an odd man and nobody's fool.’