Definition of be lost for words in English:

be lost for words


  • Be so surprised, confused, or upset that one cannot think what to say:

    ‘never loquacious, Sarah was now totally lost for words’
    • ‘He said: ‘I was lost for words, I didn't envisage it, but it made me feel great.’’
    • ‘'It's the only time I've ever been lost for words,’ he said.’
    • ‘John was lost for words at the prospect of the team facing the all-Ireland final.’
    • ‘For perhaps the only time in their lives, you imagine, both were lost for words.’
    • ‘I am not known for being lost for words but there was a moment when my mouth fell open and I was silent.’
    • ‘And then, suddenly, the devastation hit and I simply was lost for words, and I didn't really know what we could do.’
    • ‘‘I thought you were lost for words,’ I murmured softly to myself.’
    • ‘He was lost for words, waving his hands over his head as his mouth opened and closed noiselessly.’
    • ‘I was lost for words - it was like a dream to see everyone helping me out.’
    • ‘Talking about the contribution of his son, this father was lost for words.’