Definition of be left to oneself in English:

be left to oneself


  • 1Be alone or solitary.

    ‘left to himself he removed his shirt and tie’
    • ‘If that balance is somehow compromised, and the bike is left to itself, it will fall every time!’
    • ‘We knew we were lucky when Aaron was so happy to be left to himself, not only as a baby, but also as a toddler.’
    • ‘All the conditions of line 6 are unfavourable, and its subject is left to himself without any helpers.’
    • ‘For this young person to be left to herself in a country so far away could only expose her to danger.’
    • ‘The blessedness of this doctrine is that he shall not be left to himself nor suffered to perish.’
    • ‘Eventually my wife would join them and I'd be left to myself for as far as the tank of gas would take me.’
    • ‘If a quarrelsome person is left to himself he will soon have nobody with which to quarrel.’
    • ‘In the eastern forest region, if the grass be left to itself, small trees soon spring up in its midst.’
    • ‘In my mind, this person is worthless, does not deserve a single penny, and should be left to himself to die.’
    • ‘But if any would polish it, it is made dim, and truly if it be left to itself its clearness is withholden.’
    1. 1.1 Be allowed to do what one wants.
      ‘women, left to themselves, would make the world a beautiful place to live in’
      • ‘Sexuality, if it is left to itself, as in the case of other species, is a simple biological need.’
      • ‘It probably won't happen, however, if Bush's Washington is left to itself.’
      • ‘Many of us in high school or college read William Goldman's novel, Lord of the Flies, which depicts the triumph of evil when man is left to himself.’
      • ‘These people have their own ways and would rather be left to themselves.’
      • ‘First, it implies that a capitalist market economy cannot be left to itself, but is a social system in need of design and support.’
      • ‘Further, whatsoever is left to itself cannot be subject to the providence of a governor.’
      • ‘While I prefer to be left to myself, this was one time I wouldn't have minded a little interference.’
      • ‘There is another haste that does often and will mislead the mind, if it be left to itself and its own conduct.’
      • ‘This creates a stronger, healthy fox population, which is far more of a pest than if nature had been left to itself.’
      • ‘Otherwise we were left to ourselves in the simple guest house which is used for retreats.’