Definition of be left for dead in English:

be left for dead


  • Be abandoned as being almost dead or certain to die.

    ‘she was left for dead after being repeatedly hit over the head with a rock’
    • ‘What might be a crucial story at any other time of the year may be left for dead during sweeps.’
    • ‘He's a bigger person than most people would be who were left for dead by their friends, their teammates.’
    • ‘Our loss was one killed and three wounded - two of the latter were left for dead on the ground.’
    • ‘Another nineteen had died, and a twentieth was left for dead on the day the ship sailed.’
    • ‘He collapsed after reaching the top of Everest and was left for dead above 8000 metres by Sherpas.’
    • ‘A month ago, they were left for dead, but now they're thriving at the North Shore Animal League.’
    • ‘He had been left for dead by the security service but was still alive despite having his skull fractured.’
    • ‘What was once a world icon is now stipulated to be left for dead in the wake of the devastating plague.’
    • ‘He was left for dead in the middle of the deadliest storm in the history of modern sailing.’
    • ‘In three years it'll be left for dead at the dump, leaking its own noxious brew into the soil.’