Definition of be keyed up in English:

be keyed up

phrasal verb

  • Be nervous, tense, or excited, especially before an important event.

    ‘he was keyed up at the thought of seeing Rosemary’
    • ‘Not having visited the town since last year, he had been keyed up about what had meant to be a three-day trip.’
    • ‘After bath, brush and lotion, we were keyed up so it took about 20 minutes to calm down and go to sleep.’
    • ‘The atmosphere was really good, everyone was keyed up and looking forward to the water fun.’
    • ‘Lilly was too keyed up to pay attention to Heather's doses of sarcasm.’
    • ‘Since I was keyed up from the day's preparations (working, packing, traveling), it took me a few hours to relax though.’
    • ‘I was vaguely tired, but a little too keyed up (or not interested enough) to take a nap.’
    • ‘I tried a couple of times to get her to giggle hard enough to make her snort, but both of us were kind of keyed up so my attempts failed pretty miserably.’
    • ‘The Venezuelans should be here any minute and this lobby full of reporters is keyed up and ready to pounce.’
    • ‘He was really keyed up, more excited than Dryden had ever seen him.’
    • ‘The guys are keyed up for the event.’
    • ‘I was keyed up, pumped.’
    • ‘He did not do much against South Africa and therefore, would be keyed up to prove a point or two.’
    • ‘Fresh off a successful concert on Saturday night, the talented Maria Dunn is keyed up about two gigs she has this weekend.’
    • ‘It was impossible to disguise the fact that Bolton was keyed up to an almost unbearable pitch.’
    • ‘You know, Ms. Jackson, I have really been keyed up about this interview, and I guess maybe it shows.’
    • ‘You had better believe that there were a number of golf pros who were keyed up a little bit more than usual.’
    • ‘Johnny is keyed up about tomorrow, the Fourth of July: lots of fun times ahead for him and his family.’
    • ‘I allowed myself to be keyed up and nervous before I got here, but now I am here I focus on the business.’
    • ‘They are certainly going to be keyed up.’
    • ‘It was much earlier than Jake usually got to his office, but he was keyed up, and hadn't been able to sleep.’
    • ‘And there's another reason why Priaulx is keyed up about the races at his home track: ‘I spent a long time at Silverstone as an instructor.’’
    • ‘Keyed up by months of training, we were anxious to go.’
    • ‘He's gently crinkling a beer can in his hand and I wouldn't say his eyes are dancing but he definitely looks keyed up about something.’
    • ‘At midnight when you get off work and you're all keyed up, I'm all worn out.’
    • ‘Everyone was keyed up and had been worrying about my safety in getting from the station to the house.’
    • ‘She was too keyed up to go back to sleep.’
    • ‘We had already been keyed up for the June 5 assault, and now we had another day of adrenalin rush to deal with.’
    • ‘Last Saturday night, we had friends over and I must have been keyed up because I couldn't fall asleep that night.’
    • ‘The 28th Division was keyed up by a visit and inspection from their boss Eisenhower, certain in the knowledge that they were to be among the first to assault France.’
    • ‘In it you can relax and let your guard down instead of being keyed up or on edge all the time.’