Definition of be in the right in English:

be in the right


  • Be morally or legally justified in one's views or actions.

    ‘Sean was not going to apologize as he believed he was in the right’
    • ‘Morally, the Americans were in the right - but they also had greater military success.’
    • ‘Yet I feel I was in the right, I was only a few minutes late.’
    • ‘Arguments aside for a moment, here's my basic two cents on the subject: history is full of examples of people who carried out such actions believing themselves to be in the right.’
    • ‘He ruled with a rod of iron, but he was very fair, and would defend his workmen to the hilt if he thought they were in the right.’
    • ‘They always believe themselves to be in the right, no matter how much wickedness they are mired in.’
    • ‘Rather, it is often the case that both parties to a dispute genuinely believe themselves to be in the right, and would be happy to make their cases in front of a disinterested third party.’
    • ‘I talked to a few people about it and they felt I was in the right.’
    • ‘It is a general courtesy in life to apologize for offending someone, even if you think you were in the right.’
    • ‘He might have been congratulating himself, but one would have to completely ignore his actions to believe that he was in the right.’
    • ‘If the child senses your mixed feelings, he may convince himself that he was in the right all along and you are the ‘bad’ one.’