Definition of be in over one's head in English:

be in over one's head


  • Be involved in something that is beyond one's capacity to deal with.

    ‘when I became a graduate student I knew at once I was in over my head’
    • ‘I began with the tutorial missions and realized I was definitely in over my head.’
    • ‘Near the start of the film, a city cop volunteers to help the small-town policemen, who seem to be in over their heads.’
    • ‘Now she's in over her head, and her wisecracks to the cops don't help her situation.’
    • ‘After my first lead role, I knew I was in over my head, so I started training in acting and martial arts.’
    • ‘As I say in my opening comments, we're likely getting in over our heads, but it's a debate worth starting.’
    • ‘How do you decide when you are in over your head in a work-related situation?’
    • ‘Some of the soldiers are there out of a sense of duty; most of them realize they might be in over their heads.’
    • ‘The overwhelming impression I get from Firewarrior is that of being constantly in over my head.’
    • ‘She had a sinking feeling that she was getting in over her head.’
    • ‘It's during these inept stabs at drama that the director displays how far in over his head he is.’