Definition of be in credit in English:

be in credit


  • (of an account) have money in it.

    ‘your statement shows your account to be in credit’
    • ‘The banks stress they only exercise this right in extreme circumstances and would only take money from an account that was in credit.’
    • ‘The bank did make a quarterly charge of £45 for current accounts which was payable irrespective of whether the account was in credit or debit.’
    • ‘This was the last in a series of bounced cheques on an account that had always been in credit, and about which you had written a stream of letters.’
    • ‘All the time your bank account is in credit, or you have savings, this money can be used to cut your mortgage balance and slash your interest bill.’
    • ‘However, no cash advance fee applies if your account is in credit.’
    • ‘It's good to be able to walk through shopping centres financially unscathed, it's good not to be taken in by feeble marketing campaigns, and it's good to be in credit and credit-card-free.’
    • ‘In August 2001, the account was in credit to the tune of nearly $270,000.’
    • ‘Our conversation began with me mentioning that 2004 could be the first year of my adult life during which I've been in credit for an entire year.’
    • ‘Debit cards are cheaper than credit cards as long as your account is in credit.’
    • ‘It is also worth considering which bank accounts will pay you interest when your account is in credit - these rates can vary considerably.’