Definition of be in (on) the secret in English:

be in (on) the secret


  • Be among the small number of people who know something.

    ‘only Linda was let in on the secret’
    • ‘His wife, Lynne, and children Craig and Rachel were in on the secret and helped to plan and organise the tribute.’
    • ‘Then he smiles showing that he, too, is in on the secret.’
    • ‘Ben must have been in on the secret too, because he refused to take off his clothes.’
    • ‘It follows further that Alexander is in on the secret.’
    • ‘And the light and curtain crews both appeared to be in on the secret.’
    • ‘How could one be in the secret and not take part (take a determinant part), in its structure?’
    • ‘The gig had been arranged in total secrecy and only her husband was in on the secret.’
    • ‘I love knowing how it all works, being in on the secret.’
    • ‘I've also talked to a whole lot of people who one way or another were in on the secret.’
    • ‘‘This idea of 420 being a ‘secret code’ is kind of funny, when you think that a third of the population is in on the secret.’