Definition of be history in English:

be history


  • 1Be perceived as no longer relevant to the present.

    ‘the mainframe is already history’
    • ‘Plain vanilla, chocolate and raspberry ripple will soon be history.’
    • ‘Smoking by staff and inmates at the Baffin Correctional Centre will soon be history.’
    • ‘Parliamentary democracy was a great adventure, but it may soon be history.’
    • ‘The lost year is history and not relevant for future calculations of whether hard bargaining will pay off.’
    • ‘By 1905, Oldsmobile was the largest car manufacturer in the world, but soon it will be history.’
    • ‘The Cold War was over, colonialism was history, an era of global peace and prosperity seemed imminent.’
    • ‘In the early 90s everyone thought IBM was completely over: mainframes were history!’
    • ‘What Amato is talking about is history as far as the department is concerned.’
    • ‘Ah well, if it's the photo at the top of yesterday's post you're thinking of, that beard was history as soon as the filming was done.’
    • ‘Soon enough, your office outbursts will be history, and you'll be closer to your ideal performance state.’
    1. 1.1informal Used to indicate imminent departure, dismissal, or death.
      ‘an inch either way and you'd be history’
      • ‘By the third issue, the original editor, publisher and a number of other key personnel were history.’
      • ‘If Brown doesn't step it up soon, he'll be history.’
      • ‘Lawson resigned in disgust, and a year later Thatcher was history too.’
      • ‘I held the eviction threats that said Saturday's Grave had better pay up soon, or we would be history.’
      • ‘Sorry we missed it, but a fellow at the next table assured us that Waite would soon be history.’
      • ‘Mr. Deendayal Dilkush, that unhealthy, lethargic man of mundane existence would soon be history.’
      • ‘Unless Jacob tops Kevin in the kissing department, he should be history by tomorrow.’
      • ‘Rope Coiler-in-Chief was history, as was Crow's Nest Lad, Cook and Bin-Bag Wanger.’
      • ‘Last week he was history, with the board of the quango deciding it was time for a change.’
      • ‘Once we were history he retreated into his fantasy world in one of the most bizarre ways I've ever seen.’