Definition of be here (or have come) to stay in English:

be here (or have come) to stay


  • Be permanent or widely accepted.

    ‘the private sector is here to stay and likely to expand’
    • ‘We certainly wouldn't be investing so heavily in the future of our pubs if we didn't think they were here to stay.’
    • ‘It has been accepted and has come to stay as a necessary facility of life.’
    • ‘In previous years the right wing of the union accepted that a divided civil and public service was here to stay.’
    • ‘The private sector is here to stay, but can it be altered sufficiently to become of net positive value to society?’
    • ‘The organisation yesterday warned high oil prices were here to stay.’
    • ‘Texting is not a passing phase in the technological age; it is here to stay.’
    • ‘Pay parking is a reality and like all the other charges which we have had to accept it is here to stay.’
    • ‘But coal is here to stay, because it is abundant and the alternatives are generally more expensive.’
    • ‘So let us be mature, and accept that globalisation is here to stay.’
    • ‘It also reflects their failure to accept that devolved and decentralised government is here to stay.’