Definition of be gunning for in English:

be gunning for


  • 1Be seeking an opportunity to blame or attack (someone)

    ‘the Republican candidate was gunning for his rival over campaign payments’
    • ‘More than the media, it's the fact that obviously there are elements of the New South Wales right of the Liberal Party that were gunning for him and that were doing their best to get it out there.’
    • ‘But I realized soon after that I was taking the wrong path and wanted to change so I tried to get back into school but it seemed that the teachers were gunning for me so I thought it best to just be done with that.’
    • ‘I made the mistake of publicly attacking a leading politician on the radio and they have been gunning for me ever since.’
    • ‘But now, again, we are the team everyone is gunning for.’
    • ‘This is sensible in the short run, because any suggestion that the government was gunning for the motorist would kill off the debate.’
    • ‘Tipperary will be gunning for us, but we'll go out and give them one hell of a game.’
    • ‘Check the name of the guy they were gunning for in the tower.’
    • ‘Everyone is going to be gunning for England because they are undisputed as the best in the world.’
    • ‘Widower Henry Wooding, who served in North Africa and Italy, claimed that the council was gunning for disabled motorists since taking over responsibility for policing parking from Essex Police last year.’
    1. 1.1 Be striving for (something) in a determined way.
      ‘he had been gunning for a place in the squad’
      • ‘Africa's top eight clubs will be gunning for a good deal of money and a piece of football history.’
      • ‘But to fair (and I have no idea if this is what they were gunning for, but I'm guessing no), this album is pretty depressing, precisely because it's so naively bright and rosy.’
      • ‘Business units hate charge-backs because they want computing to come out of IT's budget, no matter how big a project the business unit is gunning for.’
      • ‘But this is what I've been gunning for all my life.’
      • ‘Even at 49 with more than 50 career victories and one NASCAR cup championship, Wallace is gunning for victory lane.’
      • ‘The party is gunning for at least 40 seats, which could make the Congress depend on it for forming the government.’
      • ‘Also, with a game based on a movie, mass appeal will be something that the developers will be gunning for.’
      • ‘Don't be fooled by the sprawling and overdone psychedelic ballads - this is the same boy band that was gunning for the pre-pubescent market only two years ago.’
      • ‘You would too if 12,000 people were gunning for your job.’
      • ‘An impulse buy, claims the 30-year-old, but the car met the ‘suitably obnoxious’ criteria that he was gunning for - and it allowed him to indulge his love for driving fast.’