Definition of be good to go in English:

be good to go


North American
  • Be ready or prepared for something.

    ‘slip on a bright pair of pumps and you're good to go’
    • ‘At last, we were good to go - our market research review was completed and our interviews were lined up and scheduled.’
    • ‘Just turn on your radio, tune it to 87 .9 and you are good to go.’
    • ‘Just give me a couple of more minutes and I'll be good to go.’
    • ‘It is not the easiest install around, as your initial contact will require loading an index; but once that's done, you're good to go.’
    • ‘Console games can't get patches, they need to be good to go right out of the box.’
    • ‘The songs were good to go.’
    • ‘Add adjustable lighting and beautiful windows looking out over a forest of peaceful trees, and I am good to go.’
    • ‘It greeted me with the usual initialization screen that calibrates the touch-screen, and it was good to go.’
    • ‘When everything is resolved there, we'll be good to go, and then customers will know exactly where everything is.’
    • ‘Rub a little dab on your hands and lightly work it into your hair and you're good to go.’
    • ‘If you do opt for multichannel sound, you need to add a 5.1 speaker set and you're good to go.’