Definition of be good (or bad) news in English:

be good (or bad) news


  • Be commendable or admirable (or unpleasant or undesirable)

    ‘he's good news—I get very good vibes from him’
    • ‘It is good news for Mr Mitchell, who is believed to be the only farmer in the country growing them.’
    • ‘This was good news as the chicken house I'd just built was way to heavy for me to move so I needed a hand.’
    • ‘The email was good news for anyone who is interested in eating from local sources.’
    • ‘That appears to be good news, and we await with keen interest the fuller details of the scheme.’
    • ‘It became clear that not having done the A roads and busy roundabouts yet was not good news.’
    • ‘That may be good news for the Port of Seattle but not for the country as a whole.’
    • ‘Certainly her success is good news for her sponsors who have financed an epic adventure.’
    • ‘The deal is yet to be finalised, but if it goes ahead it should be more good news for the local economy.’
    • ‘Even though this is very good news, the levels are still lower than average for this time of year.’
    • ‘There is an amazing number of new cars on the way in 2005, which is good news for the buyer.’