Definition of be cast down in English:

be cast down

phrasal verb

  • Feel depressed:

    ‘she was greatly cast down by abusive criticism of her novels’
    • ‘I was either cast down and disappointed, or raised up and elated, depending on whether I was feeling better or worse.’
    • ‘After a brief fillip Wall Street went into retreat, cast down by sombre corporate trading news from a range of companies.’
    • ‘Revived by American aid and by its own exertions, western Germany was more transformed by post-war economic and psychological recovery than it had been cast down by military defeat.’
    • ‘This doesn't mean I was a bully, it was just that people couldn't get me down the way other teens would be cast down.’
    • ‘Far from being cast down by the goal, England concentrated on reaching half-time without falling further behind before switching to the attack with renewed vigour.’
    • ‘The joyful ones also tend to draw more friends, who would rather bathe in the sunshine of happiness than to be cast down into a gloomy depression.’
    • ‘They were a group of men who were very distressed, very cast down by their illness and its difficulties.’
    • ‘After the birth of Ross, both were cast down and depressed.’
    • ‘Take advantage of opportunities, don't be cast down, but rise to the challenge if it does occur’
    depressed, downcast, unhappy, sad, miserable, gloomy, down, low, blue, melancholy, doleful, mournful
    dejected, dispirited, discouraged, disheartened, downhearted, demoralized, daunted, dismayed, desolate, disconsolate, crestfallen, crushed, sapped, shaken, undermined, despondent, weighed down, oppressed, wretched
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