Definition of be browned off in English:

be browned off

phrasal verb

  • Be irritated or depressed:

    ‘they're getting browned off with the overtime’
    • ‘I always thought I played safe in that respect but I guess the censor was browned off or something, it's silly to take things to that extent.’
    • ‘One was shot down and we were browned off to pick up the crew of that Junkers - they didn't like the idea of scrambling up the net and asked for ladders.’
    • ‘Corporate Games is a ‘special venture’ for managers, the best clients and business partners that have been browned off with pattern thinking and endless hours of office work.’
    • ‘Therefore it is very easy to see why supporters are hugely frustrated and very browned off.’
    • ‘Come next year the electorate will be browned off with both Kenny and Rabbitte moaning and will vote for the old reliables again.’
    • ‘Well dear I suppose you'll be browned off with all that, but if you want to hear of more experiences let me know.’
    • ‘So they apparently were browned off with sunbathing and got starting to leave.’
    • ‘The Colonel said that some of his men were browned off because there had been no opposition on the beaches.’
    • ‘Instead, they were browned off with religion altogether, and only ever went to any church thereafter for a wedding or a funeral.’
    • ‘He was browned off too - bored out of his mind in a garden pond swimming round the same cement gnome every day.’
    fed up, irritated, annoyed, exasperated, irked, put out, peeved, piqued, disgruntled
    discontented, discouraged, disheartened, depressed
    bored, weary, tired
    hacked off, cheesed off, brassed off, narked
    pissed off
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