Definition of be all fingers and thumbs in English:

be all fingers and thumbs


  • Be clumsy or awkward in one's actions.

    • ‘We've didn't want another flip phone because when it rings we're all fingers and thumbs and can't get it open quick enough after spending ages trying to get it out of the handbag.’
    • ‘Hands that saved penalties with ease were all fingers and thumbs at writing.’
    • ‘Scooping up the warm rice and hot pickle by hand feels natural enough till it gets to my mouth; then I am all fingers and thumbs, bits of curry-stained rice dropping into my lap, and still so obviously, embarrassingly, a tourist.’
    • ‘Wigan were surprisingly all fingers and thumbs at times in their first home game of the new campaign.’
    • ‘I seemed to be all fingers and thumbs and dropped things right, left and centre.’
    clumsy, awkward, maladroit, inept, bungling, bumbling, incompetent, unskilful, heavy-handed, ungainly, inelegant, inexpert, graceless, ungraceful, gauche, unhandy, uncoordinated, gawky, cloddish, clodhopping
    butterfingered, cack-handed, ham-fisted, ham-handed
    all fingers and thumbs
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