Definition of be all ears in English:

be all ears


  • Be listening eagerly:

    ‘I'm all ears, tell me about it’
    • ‘When Disney approached Stravinsky with the idea of using Le Sacre as part of Fantasia, the composer was all ears.’
    • ‘Kassi tells Liam of how she and Isabelle became friends and Liam is all ears.’
    • ‘If Bose's idea has merit, auto manufacturers will be all ears.’
    • ‘The audience were all ears when the teams crooned ditties from the golden 80s.’
    • ‘As an epileptic, I was all ears and I listened to her telling me her symptoms.’
    • ‘We were all ears after he had announced himself and flashed his warrant card.’
    • ‘If positive news on cord stem cells continues, doctors, patients, and investors will be all ears.’
    • ‘This Wednesday night, in the packed meeting room of the West Richmond Community Centre, the crowd is all ears.’
    • ‘He has been telling versions of his for years, and the media have been all ears.’
    • ‘Our reporter was all ears, but heard only silence - as the figure was written down and discreetly handed to the magistrates.’
    alert, vigilant, wide awake, aware, watchful, attentive, observant, circumspect, wary, chary, heedful, canny
    on one's guard, on one's toes, on the qui vive
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