Definition of be all about — in English:

be all about —


  • Be focused on or interested in (a particular thing)

    ‘school has become my refuge and I'm all about being the perfect student’
    • ‘Thanks guys, we got it already - you're all about the family unit.’
    • ‘He'll never be typecast because he's all about defining himself in a persona.’
    • ‘If you're watching this movie, you're all about the kung fu.’
    • ‘I have a friend who is all about the show, in fact, and sings its praises quite strongly.’
    • ‘Believing in the supposedly impossible is what he is all about.’
    • ‘This is a relationship business and we're all about that.’
    • ‘Todd is very intelligent and is all about media and everything film.’
    • ‘I'm all about making life more convenient.’
    • ‘I know that both Jim and Mike feel this way, that Welles was all about pulling off an amazing effect for the viewer.’
    • ‘I am all about the thrill of movement.’
    • ‘I am all about creating memories with my family.’
    • ‘Flavors, I am all about the flavors, baby.’
    • ‘We're all about the customer.’
    • ‘She's all about making sure we don't portray women in a bad light, take advantage of women, or exploit them in any way.’
    • ‘Apparently they're all about taking credit for the end result.’
    • ‘In fact, I am all about the love.’