Definition of be about to do something in English:

be about to do something


  • Intend to do something, or be close to doing something, very soon.

    ‘the ceremony was about to begin’
    • ‘They may be used to control symptoms in women who are close to the menopause for whom symptoms may soon be about to improve anyway.’
    • ‘I had been about to close the door, but I stopped, afraid that the noise it would make would be disruptive.’
    • ‘Nicol easily controlled the next two games, and seemed to be about to close out the match.’
    • ‘As the elevator doors were about to close, someone pushed the open button outside.’
    • ‘We showed up at the barn right when they were about to begin milking the cows.’
    • ‘He leaps aboard and the most extraordinary adventure of his young life is about to begin.’
    • ‘The council is about to begin consultation with residents on the options for council tax.’
    • ‘The first major battle over public sector pensions could be about to begin.’
    • ‘Gavin is about to begin a music course at college and hopes to become a session musician when he graduates.’
    • ‘The Government is about to close the door and stop all new referrals from receiving these drugs.’
    going to, ready to, all set to, preparing to, intending to, soon to
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