Definition of be a darling in English:

be a darling


  • Used as a friendly or encouraging preface to a request.

    ‘be a darling and don't mention I'm here’
    • ‘Come on, Wendy, be a darling and stay for like thirty minutes, that's all I ask, all right?’
    • ‘So, if you'll be a darling, Desiree, I'd appreciate if you all returned back to the garden while I have a few words with my husband.’
    • ‘Yes, yes, Alicia, be a darling and save the mazurka for me.’
    • ‘Be a darling and get the eggplant out from the vegetable crisper, will you?’
    • ‘Can you be a darling and get me a glass of lime juice?’
    • ‘Mum butted in, ‘Ben, be a darling and bring Ellie's things in the house whilst I make us a nice hot drink.’’
    • ‘If you spot anything not right be a darling and tell me in the comments.’