Definition of be (well) up on (or in) in English:

be (well) up on (or in)


  • Be well informed about:

    ‘they are well up on current environmental trends’
    • ‘Anyway, you seem to be up on physics, and you seem to know what I'm saying so maybe you could help me here.’
    • ‘However, you two don't seem to be up on current events.’
    • ‘In this day of endless theory, top players need to be up on all important games if they are to have any hope of success.’
    • ‘When I went out there last year people really seemed to be up on racing.’
    • ‘Even officials who would presumably be up on such issues appeared fuzzy about the central questions.’
    • ‘She wanted to be be up on any news sent to them.’
    well versed in, well informed about, conversant with, knowledgeable about, informed about, abreast of, apprised of, up to date on, au courant with
    familiar with, acquainted with, au fait with, at home with, no stranger to
    experienced in, proficient in, practised in, skilled in
    up to speed on, clued up on, genned up on, plugged into
    cognizant of
    perfect in
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