Definition of be (or stand) in awe of in English:

be (or stand) in awe of


  • Feel awe for.

    ‘his staff members are in awe of him’
    • ‘The Labour party was still in awe of its own election victory of 1945.’
    • ‘I was completely in awe of what he was doing.’
    • ‘The rest of the girls sat in awe of our school hero.’
    • ‘I have always been in awe of the elephant - what a magnificent creature left over from the dinosaurs.’
    • ‘In India I am frequently in awe of the sense of personal peace in the midst of apparent turmoil.’
    • ‘I used to be in awe of people who got a lot of publicity.’
    • ‘I was very much in awe of him.’
    • ‘I am in awe of Nature - her power, her whims.’
    • ‘Serenity was in awe of some of the flowers.’
    • ‘He said the troops were in awe of the students' courage.’
    revere, worship, pay homage to, venerate, adulate, idolize, put on a pedestal, lionize, hero-worship, honour, love, respect
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