Definition of be (or look) a picture in English:

be (or look) a picture


  • Be very pleasing to look at.

    ‘Kim looked a picture’
    • ‘Nora looked a picture in her red suit and gave a wonderful performance - except it wasn't a performance - it was pure natural Nora, and everyone loved it.’
    • ‘She heard Jingle Bells on the radio and when she looked up her face was a picture as she realised what she was listening to.’
    • ‘The stadiums were ready, the security teams were all in place and Athens was looking a picture.’
    • ‘The Stadium looks a picture at the moment - the best I have seen it to date.’
    • ‘The opening chance of the match arrived after all of 18 minutes and it has to be said that the Park surface looked a picture under the glorious sunshine, which shone throughout the game.’
    • ‘The town looks a picture at the moment as you are aware, but there is a substantial cost involved in making all this possible.’
    • ‘The pitch looked a picture, covered by the light dew from the night before.’
    • ‘Maureen looked a picture when she found she got an A-level grade B in photography.’
    • ‘Isn't the course looking a picture with the recent rain and watering making it a great joy playing on a golf course that within 12 months will be back to one of the best, with tees and greens to be completed mid-December?’
    • ‘Yesterday it looked a picture, a different place from the self-conscious, windswept venue of the opening days.’
    • ‘My girls looked a picture as flower girls and performed their roles with aplomb.’