Definition of be (or get) mixed up in in English:

be (or get) mixed up in


  • Be (or become) involved in (something regarded as dubious or dishonest)

    ‘Steve was mixed up in an insurance swindle’
    • ‘The Prime Minister said: ‘Of course, I think every parent's nightmare is that their child gets mixed up in drugs.’’
    • ‘Did you write this before he got mixed up in politics?’
    • ‘You don't mention your age, but this is the point where I strongly recommend to people ‘of a certain age ‘to have a proper medical evaluation before getting mixed up in all this exercise business.’’
    • ‘Naturally, he got mixed up in a little kid trouble now and again, but nothing to shout about.’
    • ‘I didn't want to get mixed up in all that but it would give me a chance to talk to him and maybe reason with him.’
    • ‘And then, things get sillier and sillier until you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night thinking, ‘How, in the name of sanity, did I get mixed up in all this?’
    • ‘When children are not in school they can get mixed up in crime or become victims of crime.’
    • ‘I was so terrified; I just pressed myself as far back against the wall as I could so I did not get mixed up in it.’
    • ‘This didn't stop my father from contacting as many people whom I was friends with as he could to ask them whether they knew anything about ‘what drugs I was mixed up in.’’
    • ‘I wasn't really planning on hurting you until you got mixed up in all this.’
    involved in, embroiled in, entangled in, drawn into, caught up in, a party to
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