Definition of be (or get) lost in the shuffle in English:

be (or get) lost in the shuffle


North American
  • Be overlooked or missed in a confused or crowded situation.

    ‘a more established sport that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is team handball’
    • ‘The exchange between Jonathon and Andrew has been interesting, although I fear that Ahrum's original point was lost in the shuffle.’
    • ‘Between the two things, in a world where no one gets enough love and affection anyway, rational thought gets lost in the shuffle and guys start behaving weirdly and saying stupid things.’
    • ‘Weidenreich came to the Museum in 1941, just before the Japanese invaded Beijing and his beloved Peking man fossils were lost in the shuffle (although the plaster casts he had sent to New York survived).’
    • ‘I mean, the next story comes up, the next big crisis comes up in the world or in America, and it is awfully easy to get lost in the shuffle.’
    • ‘There are important bodies, but sometimes the way the UN system works, they get lost in the shuffle.’
    • ‘Jesus came with a message of love and forgiveness and we can't let that get lost in the shuffle.’
    • ‘There is the potential to really learn, to not get lost in the shuffle.’
    • ‘‘Being technical in today's market, especially a middle-aged man, I'll be lost in the shuffle with 400 other resumes at least for every job I apply for,’ John said.’
    • ‘Somehow that point is getting lost in the shuffle.’
    • ‘When people who are supposed to be reporting the news have an agenda, something gets lost in the shuffle.’