Definition of be (or get) dialled in in English:

be (or get) dialled in

phrasal verb

  • Be or become so focused that one is able to perform to the best of one's abilities.

    ‘I didn't really get dialled in until the final qualifying session’
    • ‘You mustn't rush into bends too fast because you can drift out but we'll get some great racing once the riders get dialled in.’
    • ‘Once you've downshifted your calories, you need only follow these basic guidelines to get your body dialed in for the beach over the next three months.’
    • ‘Anthony was in much better shape than he was two weeks ago at the Atlantic City Pro, but still wasn't as dialed in as several other competitors who appeared to have the edge in terms of conditioning.’
    • ‘Without meaning to sound too awful, I don't think that I could really focus in the same way if she was there because you have to be as professional as possible, completely dialled in, if you want to give it your best shot.’
    • ‘Hudson was also dialled in, scoring 28 points and going six of 10 from the three-point line.’
    • ‘We're both dialed in, so to change this successful formula would be a mistake.’
    • ‘While he has the power to wreak havoc as a three-down lineman, Warren is dialed in only for short stretches, has never developed a lethal counter move to his bull rush and gets fat and lazy.’
    • ‘He is known as a streak hitter who, when he does get dialed in, can carry a team on his back.’
    • ‘A semifinal bye helped Omond get dialed in for the final against Miller.’