Definition of bazaar in English:



  • 1A market in a Middle Eastern country.

    • ‘Rich materials hung on every wall and sat on every floor and even reached down from the ceilings, creating an exotic atmosphere not unlike a Middle Eastern bazaar.’
    • ‘Their killers found them in the middle of a crowded bazaar.’
    • ‘Adjarians are polite and courteous under most circumstances, even when they are bargaining at a bazaar (market).’
    • ‘We wind up in her kitchen, which she wants to look like some sort of Middle Eastern bazaar.’
    • ‘In old bazaars (street markets) in the larger cities, one comes across dozens of artisans.’
    • ‘Placed right in the middle of the bazaar, you will have to manoeuvre amid men carrying sacks to enter the gallery.’
    • ‘Many well-to-do households have VCRs, and rented videos are available in the bazaars (markets).’
    • ‘Hone your haggling skills in Tunisia's markets and bazaars when you travel with Burnside Travel.’
    • ‘The citizens of this coastal paradise carried on with their daily activities, bringing life to the busy streets and a charming sense of chaos to the local markets and bazaars.’
    • ‘The bazaars, colorful food markets and constant flow of border-hoppers provide absorbing spectacles.’
    • ‘In the cities, people visit museums, haggle over prices in the bazaars (street markets), or shop in large shopping complexes with their families and friends.’
    • ‘Fresh fruits and vegetables can be found at the local bazaar (market).’
    • ‘It's part flea market, part international bazaar, part Dufferin Mall.’
    • ‘A visit to the bustling 14th century Khan El-Kalili Bazaar, reputedly the largest bazaar in the Middle East, transports you back among the world of the living.’
    • ‘This New York marketplace mimics bazaars of narrow streets in dense warrens of frenetic activity anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘The problem seems to be more prominent in the bazaars and markets.’
    • ‘The market place was a lot like the village bazaars she had seen in the Middle East.’
    • ‘In real markets - bazaars - customers have choices.’
    • ‘Lots of farmers markets, bazaars that were open on the street.’
    • ‘Markets and bazaars were closed in Quetta, a border city with a large Afghan refugee population.’
    market, market place, mart, exchange
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    1. 1.1 A fundraising sale of goods.
      • ‘The bazaar sale will be on Saturday, December 4, 2pm in the village hall.’
      • ‘Other funds came from bazaars and socials, garden sales, donations, and interest payments.’
      • ‘A fund-raising bazaar in aid of the Rockfield National School building fund was held in the Community Centre, Coolaney, recently.’
      • ‘In addition to the practical work of caring, feeding, and sheltering, committees of volunteers have generated considerable revenue through charity fairs, church bazaars, and lamington drives.’
      • ‘A fundraising bazaar in aid of cancer research will be held in Crookstown Hall on Saturday, October 5, starting at 2 pm.’
      • ‘He said: ‘Stan was a great person to be around and a wonderful organiser of our Christmas bazaars and May Day fairs.’’
      • ‘The Market grew from a volunteer-staffed, church bazaar sale in 1981, to an upscale destination with a year-round support staff of two.’
      • ‘Kilcornan Community Council will hold a cake sale and bazaar in the centre on Sunday, May 16 after Mass.’
      • ‘Easy Ways Products have been successfully sold through craft fairs, bazaars, horse sales and door to door throughout the county.’
      • ‘When you wander into the Tabernacle Church Hall it reeks of bazaars and jumble sales.’
      • ‘All funds raised by the bazaar are distributed to local Thai charities to help the needy.’
      • ‘That and the Christmas bazaar are the two major fund-raising activities organised by the school every year.’
      • ‘The ikebana exhibition was magnificent, there was an international bazaar and bake sale, entertainment and a raffle.’
      • ‘The best places to pick up cool vintage toys: Flea markets, church bazaars, garage sales.’
      • ‘The centre is funded largely by donations from abroad, many the result of bazaars, concerts and other fundraising activities.’
      • ‘All proceeds from the raffle ticket sales and the bazaar itself will go directly to PILC Welfare Projects in the local community.’
      • ‘We had to borrow furniture and had to fundraise with Christmas bazaars, sales of work, that type of thing.’
      • ‘Sales of refreshments will attract customers to your bazaar and probably contribute handsomely to your fund-raising efforts.’
      • ‘Tickets for the raffle which will take place during the bazaar are on sale locally.’
      • ‘One of the highlights of the bazaar, and a great fund-raiser for the group's charities, is the raffle.’
      fete, fair, jumble sale, sale, bring-and-buy sale, car boot sale, carnival
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    2. 1.2dated A large shop selling miscellaneous goods.
      • ‘The streets are empty of passers-by, shops are shuttered, and bazaars are closed.’
      • ‘Soon after Ms. Atchara Pachimnan officially opened the bazaar, shoppers literally filled the place from early in the day.’
      • ‘The goods which were sold at the bazaar were divided in three categories.’
      • ‘David Patterson of the 785th Combat Stress Detachment from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a frequent shopper at the bazaar.’


Late 16th century: from Italian bazarro, from Turkish, from Persian bāzār ‘market’.