Definition of baza in English:



  • An Asian or Australasian hawk with a crest.

    Genus Aviceda, family Accipitridae: three species

    • ‘Related to cuckoo-hawks, bazas are generally most active at dusk, when they search the foliage of forest trees for large insects and small lizards.’
    • ‘Still one can look for spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, sloth bear, gaur, wild boars, fox, jackal, pangolin, elephants, great pied hornbill, yellow footed pigeon, crested serpent eagle, adjutant stork, black crested baza and peafowls.’
    • ‘Just like its vegetation, it also boasts of rare bird species such as the Ceylon Frogmouth, Black Crested Baza, Shaheen Falcon and the Nilgiri Laughing Thrush among 170 species found there.’
    • ‘We hoped to see some of the rarer birds that turn up here like chestnut winged cuckoo, Ashy minivet, Black crested baza, but were not really disappointed in not seeing them.’
    • ‘The Pacific Baza's crest and boldly barred abdomen make this bird of prey distinctive.’


Modern Latin, via Hindi from Arabic bāz, denoting a goshawk.