Definition of bayside in English:



  • The land alongside the shore of a bay.

    as modifier ‘a bayside hotel’
    • ‘But inspectors were flabbergasted when bayside residents attending a public meeting admitted they had been seeing the beetle for a couple years or more.’
    • ‘The differences between the lapping waters of the bay side and the pounding waves of the Atlantic are significant.’
    • ‘A storm surge on the bayside of this island last night created a path of destruction that I didn't think you would see in a Category 1 storm.’
    • ‘Public appeals were opened in local areas including the bayside suburbs.’
    • ‘But it isn't just the scenic bayside that touched me.’
    • ‘From the bayside, it has 4 stories.’
    • ‘My team of four set off to Plum Island, a freshwater tidal wetland on the bay side.’
    • ‘For Bogart fans, a trip to this bayside watering hole has become a pilgrimage of sorts.’
    • ‘A decreasing number of aboriginal furs reached bayside posts.’
    • ‘They combed the bayside shores in pairs, separating recyclables from trash and categorizing them on tally sheets.’
    • ‘Besides a clean, wide beach with many shore birds, this park boasts two fishing piers, historic fort, and bayside campsites.’
    • ‘Dr Rankin grew up in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne.’
    • ‘For a different approach to birding, everyone should experience the birds of our bayside marshes and outer beaches.’
    • ‘Albany House was supplied by Albany, a bayside post.’
    • ‘On the bay side, there are saltwater marshes, such as Skeleton Hill Island on Sandy Hook.’
    • ‘As darkness fell upon the small bayside community, muffled screams could be heard from the abandoned fish warehouse a block away from the main pier.’
    • ‘North American aborigines had developed a system of middlemen for transporting furs to bayside posts.’
    • ‘The storm came around this time from the west, the lower-lying bay side.’
    • ‘The bayside pizza delivery business must be competitive.’
    • ‘Along the bayside walk closer to my hotel there are outdoor restaurants, many of which feature cover bands.’