Definition of bayadère in English:



  • A Hindu dancing girl, especially one at a southern Indian temple:

    ‘the bayadère emerged from a Hindu temple to perform her ritual dance’
    • ‘Nikiya, the most beautiful of the bayadères (temple dancers), has been chosen to be consecrated the lead temple dancer and she and the young warrior, Solor, are very much in love.’
    • ‘It tells of the bayadère (temple dancer) Nikiya who loves the warrior Solor.’
    • ‘The two variations of the four bayadères in the 2nd Act are indeed the ones previously seen before and after the Grand Pas.’
    • ‘One of the bayadères rose with a lithe and supple movement of the body not comparable to anything save the slow separating of a white scud from the main cloud which one sees on a summer's day high up in the cirrus regions.’
    • ‘Gamzatti is so furious, that she also decides to have the bayadère killed.’


From French, from Portuguese bailadeira, from bailar to dance (related to medieval Latin ballare to dance).