Definition of bay for blood in English:

bay for blood


  • Demand punishment or retribution.

    ‘the press is baying for blood’
    • ‘Their reputations have been dragged through the mud in the past - usually tethered to the back of a speeding cart with torch wielding villagers baying for their blood - but even warty-faced old hags can only take so much.’
    • ‘The cable stations, from CNN to Fox, are literally baying for blood and demanding the marines go into the city.’
    • ‘Milutinovic has shaken off many of the critics who bayed for his blood after sloppy performances and infighting just before the World Cup qualifiers.’
    • ‘But the opposition and the press, having at last caught up, were baying for blood.’
    • ‘It's more likely that I'll be chased around the hospital site by people baying for my blood.’
    • ‘Pity ought to be our response to his manifold self-inflicted misfortunes; instead the mob is baying for his blood.’
    • ‘I remember the first one, what he did, and it was almost the same except instead of having 14 people in the room he had a thousand people in the room who were effectively baying for blood.’
    • ‘It is these ordinary people who are now baying for his blood.’
    • ‘As Formula One fans bay for his blood after he axed the British Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone, the boss of F1 has a new problem on his doorstep.’
    • ‘With quarter of an hour left I was baying for his blood.’