Definition of bawn in English:



  • 1Irish historical A fortified enclosure around a castle.

    • ‘The castle stood within a bawn (a fortified courtyard) with corner towers at each corner and inside was a formal garden laid-out.’
    • ‘This 17th-century Vintners Company fortified house and bawn, was opened to the public in 1996.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the bawn wall appears to have been erected in a segmentary form: it is a series of straight lines rather than being in the usual rectangular format.’
    • ‘Pelham used artillery brought by sea and within two days had battered down the bawn and the western landward side of the castle.’
  • 2Canadian Irish A meadow.

    as modifier ‘a field of bawn hay’
    • ‘Natural bawn grass threaded with royal blue brings out the beautiful texture of this basket from Bangladesh.’
  • 3Canadian A flat expanse of rocks on a beach, on which fish are spread to dry.

    ‘fishermen spread the fish on the bawn’
    • ‘To spread fish on the bawn to make wages we went there without much sleep.’


From Irish.