Definition of bavardage in English:



mass noun
  • Idle gossip.

    ‘a bore whose bavardage could easily unsettle one's reason’
    • ‘Much bavardage occurs in which Celia gets the keys to Silas's car and spits in his face about his total worthlessness.’
    • ‘Such bavardage (foolish chatter) is not getting us anywhere; this is supposed to be a review of the past 12 months of football madness.’
    • ‘Thus, the public - and the academy - is assaulted with abstract social work or political bavardage that is alien, irrelevant, and unreal.’
    tittle-tattle, tattle, rumour, rumours, whispers, stories, tales, canards, titbits
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French, from bavarder ‘to chatter’, from bavard ‘talkative’, from bave ‘drivel’.