Definition of battlecruiser in English:



  • A large warship of a type built in the early 20th century, carrying similar armament to a battleship but faster and more lightly armoured.

    • ‘The British battlecruiser's main long-range armament usually consisted of eight guns which varied in calibre from 12 to 15 inch.’
    • ‘My ship was the Princess Royal, a battlecruiser which because of its speed was well ahead of our own main fleet.’
    • ‘Only three of the battlecruiser's ship's company of 1,421 survived.’
    • ‘Following the scuttling of the battlecruiser Australia, as part of the Washington Naval Treaty, and due to the age of the other cruisers, a small re-armament program was instituted.’
    • ‘The other submarines changed course in all directions to avoid each other and the battlecruisers and destroyers which followed close behind.’