Definition of batterie in English:



mass nounBallet
  • The action of beating the feet or calves together during a leap.

    ‘the men execute dazzling batterie and tours en l'air’
    • ‘Over this base they start to develop the other things: the artistic sense of the movement, the technique - jumps, batterie, many things.’
    • ‘With his joyful batterie, Wevers is ideal in the role.’
    • ‘The sensual Dmitri Belogolovtsev is a strong, smooth turner, but his batterie needed polish.’
    • ‘Mr. Muruev displayed some prowess in his batterie and big leaps.’
    • ‘The speedy batterie; the sharp, fast releves and jumps on pointe that punctuate the ballerina's solos, and the quick transitions between steps, are not simply technically impeccable.’


French, literally ‘beating’.