Definition of batt in English:



  • 1A piece of felted material used for lining or insulating items such as quilts and sleeping bags.

    • ‘‘She'd get a lot more out of that cape if she had some batts in there to stiffen out the edges,’ said another one.’
    • ‘No batt insulation would be required in this case.’
    • ‘Care must be taken in removing the water so that the batt isn't stretched or torn.’
    1. 1.1 A piece of fibreglass used to insulate buildings.
      • ‘Before installing the dropped ceiling frame, you can also staple batts of insulation to the original ceiling to create yet another layer of noise-reducing material.’
      • ‘Its thermal resistance is approximately R - 3.7 per inch, which is comparable with sprayed cellulose insulation or high-density fiberglass batts.’
      • ‘For loose-fill insulation or for batts and blankets not having an attached vapor retarder, heavy-weight polyethylene plastic sheets are available in rolls of various widths for use as vapor retarders.’
      • ‘Fiberglass is available in foil-backed, paper-backed and un-faced batts and blankets.’
      • ‘Instead, it's destined for insulation batts or even road base.’
      • ‘First of all, where the R-value is used to rate the energy efficiency of a single component - a batt of insulation for example - U-values rate the energy efficiency of the combined materials in a building component or section.’
      • ‘Blankets, in the form of batts or rolls, are flexible products made from mineral fibers.’
      • ‘Another proposal would entail removing the subfloor to lay in batts of insulation between the subfloor and the ceiling.’
      • ‘Is asbestos sheeting ‘like’ fibreglass batts for insulation?’
      • ‘When installing a batt of insulation, the vapor barrier - that's the paper or foil face - needs to face toward the heated space.’
      • ‘The vapor barrier might be tar paper, kraft paper attached to fiberglass batts, or a plastic sheet.’
      • ‘To meet this recommendation, most homes and additions constructed with 2 x 4 walls require a combination of wall cavity insulation, such as batts, and insulating sheathing, such as rigid foam boards.’
      • ‘Use a straight edge to assure a good straight cut across the fiberglass batt.’
      • ‘I saw a claim very recently that New Zealand houses had to have a whole lot of fibreglass batts in them because we were dying in our homes because they were too cold.’
      • ‘Some builders have taken to cramming oversized standard fiberglass batts into wall and ceiling spaces.’
      • ‘Such methods may result in fewer gaps in the building's thermal envelope than can occur with batts.’
      • ‘In attics, thermal bridging can be reduced by adding sufficient loose-fill insulation thickness, or cross-installed batts, to cover the wood or metal frame as much as possible.’
      • ‘Bulk insulation like pink batts is less desirable, because it prevents the house cooling down at night.’
      • ‘Allow yourself 3 to 4 person hours per 100 square feet when installing fiberglass batts and a vapor barrier in the attic.’
      • ‘In new construction, the vapor retarder facing should be installed with the facing placed down toward the ceiling gypsum board, except in hot humid climates where unfaced batts should be used.’


Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘lump, piece’): of unknown origin.