Definition of baton round in English:

baton round


  • A large rubber or plastic projectile shot from a special gun and used especially in riot control.

    • ‘An armed response unit eventually brought the suspect down using baton rounds.’
    • ‘One baton round was fired in a bid to disperse hundreds of rioters as sectarian tensions switched from the north of the city.’
    • ‘Devices that fire high-intensity light or emit loud noise to disorientate an attacker, and guns that fire bean bags, foam baton rounds and ‘sponge grenades’ have all been developed.’
    • ‘The baton round is approved by the Home Office as a ‘less lethal’ option in situations involving violent suspects.’
    • ‘They could use Tasers (electrical stun guns) or baton rounds or pepper spray.’
    • ‘They then fired baton rounds through windows to allow them to tackle the blaze.’
    • ‘Police fired baton rounds at rioters as the violence intensified.’
    • ‘Officers fired four baton rounds and the man collapsed though he was not seriously injured.’
    • ‘A spokesman said: ‘As a consequence of the threat he posed to himself and police officers a single baton round was fired and the man was disarmed.’’
    • ‘In total, two baton rounds were fired on August 20 before riot squad units discharged another 27 when trouble heightened the next night.’
    • ‘The availability of baton rounds proved very useful in these circumstances.’
    • ‘Police in riot gear went to the scene, and 11 baton rounds were fired.’
    • ‘‘Each firing of a baton round must be proved to be both measured and proportionate and every single firing is individually investigated and reported on by the Police ombudsman,’ he said.’
    • ‘Another ‘less lethal’ weapon, the plastic baton round, was also used in the operation which followed - the first time one has been fired by police in London.’
    • ‘The ammunition, known as baton rounds, uses a plastic compound which is shaped into a blunt projectile.’
    • ‘Police used water cannons and fired baton rounds into the crowd in a bid to combat the trouble, which flared after a controversial Orange march passed through the nationalist area.’
    • ‘They outlined, in a 16-page dossier the situation and complained of loyalist blockades, 100 pipe and bomb attacks and the use of plastic baton rounds by police.’
    • ‘Police, who knew he was armed, fired a baton round at him.’
    • ‘This selection includes baton round guns (plastic bullets), and actual firearms.’
    • ‘Spraying an individual demonstrator would be difficult - and unnecessary in light of the other non-lethal items, such as rubber baton rounds, that could be directed at individuals.’


baton round