Definition of baton charge in English:

baton charge


  • A headlong rush made by police officers with drawn truncheons, typically used in riot control to force crowds to disperse.

    ‘riot police fired tear gas and launched baton charges at protesters’
    • ‘Police fired rubber bullets and made repeated baton charges.’
    • ‘There were a few ugly moments: part of the fence blocking the road to Gleneagles was ripped down and for a moment a baton charge seemed imminent.’
    • ‘They hurled stones at businesses and police, who responded with baton charges.’
    • ‘Despite full speed baton charges by mounted riot police it took over an hour for the cops to clear people from the grounds.’
    • ‘Before anyone could move the police carried out a baton charge.’
    • ‘Police attacked again, dispersing the demonstration with baton charges and water cannons.’
    • ‘Police confronted and dispersed the rioters with baton charges and by firing rubber bullets.’
    • ‘Roadblocks are erected, and students and others hurl paving stones and hastily created Molotov cocktails at the police, who respond with teargas and baton charges.’
    • ‘Some 150 demonstrators were struck during a police baton charge on Sunday.’
    • ‘Police resorted to a baton charge to disperse a slogan-shouting group of strikers.’
    • ‘On the third night and several others there was widespread scuffling, with people throwing bottles and repeated baton charges by riot cops.’
    • ‘The police found it difficult to control the crowd and a baton charge was ordered.’


[with object]
  • Charge at (a group of people) with drawn truncheons.

    ‘police baton-charged the crowd’
    • ‘Police lobbed dozens of teargas shells and baton-charged the demonstrators.’
    • ‘Police baton-charged the workers, injuring three and arresting nine others.’
    • ‘Riot cops moved in to baton charge the few remaining partygoers.’
    • ‘Manchester fans were baton-charged in the stands in April 2007 by police.’
    • ‘When management ordered security guards to fire shots into the air and baton-charge employees, the workers responded by throwing stones.’
    • ‘Several people were injured when police baton-charged the protesters.’
    • ‘Police tear-gassed and baton charged the workers who were opposing company strikebreakers.’
    • ‘Violence continued, with cops baton-charging dozens of protesters and using tear gas on others.’
    • ‘Police intervened after the agitating crowds entered an area off-limits to protests and demonstrations, baton-charging the protestors and firing tear-gas canisters.’
    • ‘The gardai were caught on camera baton-charging the protestors and throwing one protestor over a fence into a deep ditch.’