Definition of bathyscaphe in English:



  • A manned submersible vessel of a kind used by the Swiss deep-sea explorer Auguste Piccard (1884–1962).

    • ‘William Beebe's bathyscaphe, based on a steel balloon, and the submersibles which followed, changed the way in which oceanographers were able to gather information.’
    • ‘He dove in the bathyscaphe Trieste, and the smaller Soucoupe Marine (rented from Jacques Cousteau) and the Westinghouse Deepstar 4000.’
    • ‘For those who are interested, the bathyscaphe is a type of submersible observation chamber.’
    • ‘The scientist and Nelson, along with the boat's bathyscaphe was amazingly swallowed by a huge whale.’
    • ‘Auguste Piccard conceived the bathyscaphe in the 1930s but became distracted by the allure of high-altitude ballooning.’


1940s: coined in French by its inventor, Auguste Piccard, from Greek bathus ‘deep’ + skaphos ‘ship’.