Definition of bathypelagic in English:



  • (of fish and other organisms) inhabiting the deep sea where the environment is dark and cold, between about 1000 and 3000 metres (approximately 3300 and 9800 ft) down.

    • ‘Multicuspidate radular teeth are most prominent in nude incirrate octopods of the bathypelagic Bolitaenidae.’
    • ‘The behaviour of bathypelagic perch fry (BPF) was monitored during 21 May, 24 June, 8 August and 5 September 1996 along the longitudinal profile of Øímov reservoir (Czech Republic), using acoustic methods.’
    • ‘Several bathypelagic fish species, whose occurrence has hitherto not been recorded in the Adriatic, were found among the catches.’
    • ‘The eggs are bathypelagic, which means that they are free floating, but at depth.’
    • ‘The upper reaches of the deep ocean contain many bathypelagic fishes with a capacious, gas-filled swimbladder.’