Definition of bathhouse in English:



  • A building containing baths for communal use.

    • ‘She and the ladies were all taking a proper bath in the indoor bathhouse.’
    • ‘For six years Mr Halkon and members of the East Riding Archeological Society have been excavating a site about a mile away, where they have uncovered the remains of Iron Age roundhouses and a Roman bathhouse.’
    • ‘I feel that there would be a lot less pressure in a bathhouse than in a bar.’
    • ‘The bathhouse was a large building with a main pool used for swimming and many side rooms with hot bathing tubs in them.’
    • ‘Behind the house near the back wall were a bathhouse, a shack, and a bathroom.’
    • ‘As a result, communal bathhouses, pools and spas are a house specialty.’
    • ‘Long bright days encouraged work on the crumbling wharf, restoration of deteriorating residences, and a bathhouse which Tashakawa and Shiro designed and began to construct.’
    • ‘Wealthy families of the period incorporated bathhouses into their mansions.’
    • ‘The farm sheds and the bathhouse were undisturbed.’
    • ‘The bathhouse in Cork city had horrible water pressure.’
    • ‘Often driven by drugs, the semi-public theatre-of-the-flesh that unfolded in bars and bathhouses unleashed creative energy and drove cultural change - if you buy Moore's thesis.’
    • ‘All the governor's men know, and though they have sworn to keep their silence, I do doubt their loyalty when they are in the inns and bathhouses.’
    • ‘There's the gym, the bathhouse, the police precinct, the batting cages.’
    • ‘Those who do not want to stay for the night can just buy a ticket for the swimming pool, bathhouses and dry sauna room.’
    • ‘There's no indoor plumbing, so residents must share showers and washing facilities at a wooden bathhouse next to the parking lot.’
    • ‘Schools in Harbin re-opened yesterday and businesses that closed due to lack of water, such as bathhouses, reported a surge in customers.’
    • ‘Erial and her ladies were in the middle of scrubbing out the summer bathhouses.’
    • ‘The bathhouse was two cabin-like huts that converged with a flat cobblestone roof.’
    • ‘Now Budapest has over a dozen public bathhouses, offering thermal, Turkish and mud baths, with a vigorous east European massage thrown in for a few extra florins.’
    • ‘The heroine is a little girl who is somehow transported to a magical bathhouse, where she must work in order to regain her identity and save her parents who have been turned into pigs.’