Definition of bath time in English:

bath time


  • The usual time at which a baby or child is washed in a bath.

    • ‘My singing voice is not quite up to scratch and best kept for bath time.’
    • ‘She has a love/hate relationship with bathtime.’
    • ‘Be careful not to get the soap/shampoo in your baby's eyes - stinging eyes can put babies off bathtime.’
    • ‘By planning ahead now, you'll assure yourself of many years of happy bath times - for everyone.’
    • ‘I think it really captures how much he loves bath time.’
    • ‘And bath time is the best part of the day.’
    • ‘Fighting with the kids at bath time is one of the less pleasant aspects of parenting.’
    • ‘Here are some quick and fun ideas to build safety into bath time for any age child.’
    • ‘A few cups or beakers for demonstrating how to pour will liven up bathtime.’
    • ‘Any new parent knows that one of the big surprises of having a baby is how difficult bath time can be.’
    • ‘Made of soft, floatable, foam, these books are perfect for bath time, playtime, or story time.’
    • ‘Think of two bottles of shampoo floating in the suds during the kid's bath time.’
    • ‘Bed time, bath time, meal time - nothing will feel the same again.’
    • ‘How full can you fill the tub at bath time?’
    • ‘Here are my two favorite people in the world getting ready for bathtime.’
    • ‘A squirt of baby bath liquid for an older baby will give enough bubbles to liven up bath time.’
    • ‘He is usually at home twice a week in time for supper and once a week for bathtime.’
    • ‘Sing during bath-time to relieve the tension or have some soft music in the background.’
    • ‘By last night some were heading for clubs and pubs, some towards bath time.’
    • ‘Whether it is bath time, story time, or bedtime, consciously appreciate the moments you spend together.’