Definition of bath mat in English:

bath mat


  • 1A mat for a person to stand on after getting out of a bath.

    • ‘Just as well I don't want to buy a cheesy bath mat, I suppose.’
    • ‘That's why it makes such a brilliant bath mat - soaking up loads of water for a puddle-free bathroom!’
    • ‘Leave shower curtain open and wet bath mat on the floor.’
    • ‘More vivid shades, like that of the bath mat, warm up a room; paler hues, like the subdued pastel towels, cool it off significantly.’
    • ‘Alaska's department of environmental conservation promotes the recycling of plastic bags by turning them into crocheted crafts, backpacks, handbags, bath mats and baskets.’
    • ‘Besides, pillow covers, bed sheets, bath mats, napkins etc for hospital or office use are also available.’
    • ‘The vanity stand is equipped with liquid hand soap, below a large supply of hand and bath towels and, uniquely, bath mats readily available to use.’
    • ‘We've all been showering in the evening before going out, knowing that morning freshness will be obliterated within ten minutes of stepping onto the bath mat by copious quantities of sun creme.’
    • ‘I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened to me before, and I've often thought about getting a non-slip bath mat, but never got around to it.’
    • ‘The next week, a friend going into the bathroom looked down to the bath mat under the sink and saw something sparkle.’
    • ‘If it's four, they should probably have requested a few extras for those days when the bath mats need washing.’
    • ‘If the bath mat gets faded and old, I want it to be my feet that wrecked it, and me that gets a new one, for my own use.’
    • ‘Brightly colored bath mats and toilet lid covers also may help the bathroom look different from other rooms in the house.’
    • ‘I should mention we have a bath mat and use it, it just doesn't help.’
    • ‘Seagoon has a red bath mat on board to make you feel at home.’
    • ‘Sarah nodded, and tried her hardest to keep from letting go to of the bath mat.’
    • ‘The warm water flopped around, splashing out onto the white bath mat and shiny mirrors.’
    • ‘A new bath mat and matching shower curtain and another candle should solve that area's, um, problems.’
    • ‘And though we lose one square meter of perfectly good rug, that scrap could be used as a bath mat…!’
    • ‘I think one of them was putting the bath mat down.’
    1. 1.1 A rubber mat placed in the bottom of a bath to prevent someone slipping while getting in or out.
      • ‘Specific environmental modification, such as adequate lighting, non-slip bath mats, stair rails, rails next to the toilet and in the shower or tub, and raised toilet seats should be considered.’
      • ‘Place a bath mat at the bottom of the tub so that your pet will not slip and fall.’
      • ‘Be sure to use a bath mat, or you'll be slip-sliding away.’
      • ‘To prepare, put a bath mat or towel in the bottom of the tub.’


bath mat

/ˈbɑːθ ˌmat/