Definition of bath chair in English:

bath chair


  • A kind of wheelchair for invalids, typically with a hood.

    • ‘However, the items that would be of most use is an old bath chair and an old style telephone.’
    • ‘After a time he lost the power of walking and had to exchange his daily constitutional for a bath chair, but no murmur of complaint escaped him.’
    • ‘Later he went mad and spent three or four years in a bath chair spitting and making inappropriate suggestions to the nurses.’
    • ‘Nurse, the bath chair, please - I must be getting home.’
    • ‘I can see myself sitting in a bath chair at 130 years old, rug over my knees, wheezing like an old concertina, as I regale everyone with tales of Glastonbury festival 1996 (those were the days).’


Early 19th century: named after the city of Bath, which attracted many invalids because of the supposed curative powers of its hot springs.


bath chair

/ˈbɑːθ ˌtʃɛː/