Definition of Bates method in English:

Bates method


mass noun
  • A technique intended to improve eyesight using eye exercises rather than lenses or surgery.

    • ‘We now come to the part of the Bates method aimed at improving the use of the extrinsic muscles.’
    • ‘This book clearly explains the cause of bad eyesight and how to use the Bates method to overcome it.’
    • ‘With no measurable improvement in Jess’ eyesight the Bates method remains controversial and unsuccessful in the eyes of the medical profession.’
    • ‘The patient said that as a young man he had used the Bates method for improving defective vision.’
    • ‘If the Bates method is as useful and practical as I have led you to believe, why isn't it in more general use?’


1920s: named after William H. Bates (1860–1931), American ophthalmologist.